Baby Knitting Patterns

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The difference is in the appearance of the stitches. Although the material itself is very strong, and very effective in keeping us warm and snug even in the coldest of conditions, it can become damaged easily if the wrong cleaning products, or the wrong cleaning techniques, are used. Mama November 25, at 6: And would the decreases have to be adjusted??

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The ball band provides tension square details for both needle sizes. The pattern I selected is the In Threes baby cardigan which is such a popular pattern on Ravelry with over 7, completed projects!

Three buttons finish off the cardigan. I have a thing about using odd buttons too. I have so many different one off buttons. Why not just use them! So using less than two balls of yarn you can knit the months size In Threes cardigan and these Baby Hug Boots.

I made the three month size boots using size 5mm needles which made the boots more for a six month old. I prefer to use dpns and then I only have to seam the sole.

They also have a Facebook page as well as an Instagram page. The only downside is that most retirees from the southern states do the same thing to escape their bitterly cold winters to enjoy our balmy winter days. I was going to bring along a spinning wheel but at the last moment changed my mind and brought along my Weave-It looms which I bought this year. It is a quick knit and looks adorable. Time has just slipped away so quickly.

Lots has been happening in my life: So, after more than 60 years of marriage, they are now living apart which is so sad but necessary to ensure the well-being of both of them. I have kept the colours I really like. Now to some knitting. I love this pattern and so do many other knitters as over 6, of these cardis have been made!

I made the 3T size which I am assuming is for a three year old toddler. I bought the buttons in New Zealand. If you love knitting in the round without seams, I can highly recommend this pattern. In fact, I knit it when I feel like a quick satisfying knit. I have a few of these cardis stashed away. It was a potluck 5 x g balls. Optim is a treatment which stretches the wool fibres to make the product longer and a lot finer in the range of Microns.

These were some of the examples of colours that were available. This will be invaluable for plying and maybe even weaving. Now I am trying 4th attempt to knit in a circle.

Any help would be appreciated. Search on YouTube for knitting in-the-round tutorials. There are lots and lots of videos that can give you great basics and tips. Hi Mama, I have a comment and that is you are amazing to be answering question for so many years and helping out so many knitters!! I was just looking on Ravelry for another pattern for premie hats. Thank you so much for this lovely pattern with the nice crown — exactly what I was looking for!

Three or four, whatever you are accustomed to. Just put the stitches in sets of 12 on the needles even if that means there are different numbers of stitches on each needle. Sorry about your experience. There is a printer icon at the top that will make a clean, comment-free version to print or create a PDF. We are working on updating the site to make printing even easier and user friendly. The magic loop is the name of a method used to knit in-the-round for small circles using a long circular needle.

This site explains it: Hello, I was making the 12month hat 84 stitches. When decreasing, the pattern says knit 4 knit 2tog ssk knit 4. After the first round you are left with 64 stitches.

The whole thing is thrown off. Had to look up another way to decrease this pattern. It really does work. For the 12 month size the directions will be repeated 6 times around the round. So you will begin with the 84 stitches but result in 60 stitches. Thank you for such a wonderful and versatile pattern.

I did a sample newborn using flat needles but not keen on back seam so will now switch to dpn. I loved the colours of a work sock think sock monkey and want to make several in all sizes for my grandchildren. Some will have red pompoms. The ribbing is ecru with 2 rows red and the body, light grey. Your pattern is easy to read. I love that you use circular knitting patterns so many of the sites use straight needles and I do everything on circs.

I would really like to make this for a baby that will be 6mos. And about a year when it gets warm. Normally I would follow a mo. Is there any way to alter these instructions for those sizes? How can I divide my stitches in multiples of 12 if the stitches are 84?

Shall I put 24 on three needles and 12 on the 4th? The Magic Loop is one of the methods that can be used to knit in-the-round for circumferences smaller than a circular needle. Here is a site about the Magic Loop method: I would like to use this pattern to make a hat for my adult daughter. Her head circumference is 23 inches.

The yarn I want to use is acrylic Premier Sweet Roll. My needles are a size 8. Carolyn April 8, at 9: Just wondering if the size 6 needles required are British, Metric, or U. Mama April 8, at 9: Carolyn June 17, at Hi again I finally found time to knit your hat except I needed an all garter stitch to match a garter stitch jacket.

Mama June 17, at 1: The first decrease row should leave you with 80 stitches. Jacklynn April 6, at 7: Mama April 12, at 3: Linda July 14, at 7: Thank you for your help Linda. Susan April 5, at 2: Nicole July 17, at 3: Mae September 29, at 9: Mama September 29, at 9: Laurie October 17, at 6: Jessica keller November 29, at Mama November 29, at Cheryl March 18, at 3: Gayle January 16, at 5: Home Educating the Puddle Chicks.

February 4, at 1: Punam kapoor March 13, at 8: Could you please email me a few simple patterns for baby caps and booties. Mama March 13, at Ann Morris June 16, at 3: Mama July 4, at 1: Liz P July 9, at 2: Mama July 9, at 6: Liz P July 10, at K-Line July 16, at 6: India August 15, at 5: How many cast on stitches do I need to make for the toddler hat?

Mama August 15, at 6: Stevie August 16, at 3: Marthella August 25, at Mama August 25, at 7: Lisa August 27, at 6: Any suggestions are appreciated. Mama August 27, at 6: Stacey November 6, at 3: Mama November 6, at 4: Stephanie September 6, at 8: Mama September 6, at 9: Stephanie September 8, at Janine October 7, at 4: Mama October 7, at 6: Lynn October 7, at 7: Mama October 7, at 9: Lynn October 10, at 6: Will it matter too much between the head sizes of one child being a girl and one a boy?

Your tips have all been helpful. Mama October 10, at 7: Ingrid October 18, at 1: Mama October 18, at 5: Dana October 28, at 1: Hi Heather, This is a great basic baby hat pattern.

Mama October 28, at 2: Jenny Miller November 5, at Katrina Goodwin November 13, at 4: Mama November 13, at CO 84 and use size 5 needles should be perfect. Definitely make some for charity. I know they will be greatly appreciated. Amy November 17, at Great instructions and super easy to knit!

Heather November 22, at 4: Emilie November 23, at Thanks for the help! Mama November 23, at Pat Conaghan December 8, at Mama December 9, at In the crown, add two more rounds — Rnd Mama December 12, at Marilyn Velez December 13, at 1: Mama December 13, at Nadia December 15, at 7: Mama December 15, at 7: What if I use 2mm pointed needles, how many stitches will I need to cast on? Mama December 15, at Does your yarn call for 2mm needles? What is the gauge of your yarn?

Viveca of Vivecas' Vision's December 18, at Mama December 18, at You can sell them. Thank you for asking. Yes the k4 is twice. The first rnd reduces 14 stitches, so 70 remaining. Mama December 27, at Sharon February 25, at Loretta December 30, at 2: Mama December 30, at 5: Lois January 22, at 9: Kristen Ridge February 1, at 3: Hello, How many double point needles do I need for this little cute hat? Mama February 1, at 7: Kristen Ridge February 2, at 9: I can see how many people you have personally responded to.

Mama February 2, at Most double pointed needles I use are about 8 inches or 20 cm long. Kristen Ridge February 2, at Krista February 7, at 7: Mama February 7, at 7: Ang D February 10, at Mama February 10, at 7: Sandra February 18, at 7: Mama February 18, at 8: Adele February 20, at 8: Mama February 20, at 8: Susan March 8, at 3: I have never used circular needles.

How do you join to the round. Mama March 8, at 9: Susan March 8, at 5: Sullivan March 10, at 4: Mama March 10, at 7: Mama March 14, at 6: Do the decrease rows on knit rows and purl the alternate rows. Jan March 19, at What does DK stand for???

I have made 3 hats and counting. Best friends just had thier first baby and they LOVE hats. Mama March 19, at 3: I do appreciate you asking.

Hi, Love this pattern. Mama March 26, at Give me more details about how it is twisting and I will try to help. Tierra March 27, at Mama March 28, at 3: Sarah April 12, at 6: Mama April 12, at 6: Lisa April 16, at 9: Mama April 16, at 5: Keren May 20, at 9: Mama May 20, at Keren May 21, at 8: Mama May 21, at 2: Tina at September June 19, at Mama June 19, at 1: Evelyn-m June 25, at 3: Dail July 11, at 8: Mama July 11, at Dail July 12, at 6: The gauge indicated is 7. It recommends us size 3 needles.

Mama July 12, at 8: Cast on 96 stitches and use the size 3 needles and it should be perfect. Dail July 12, at 8: Thank you so much for your quick response. You are so helpful to us new knitters.

Fran July 15, at 5: Mama July 15, at 6: Fran July 15, at 1: The recommended gauge for the yarn I am using is: Mama July 15, at 1: Fran July 15, at 2: Lucie July 17, at Mama July 17, at Melissa July 29, at 1: Mama July 29, at 3: Mama August 29, at 8: Ris August 29, at 1: I would really appreciate it!

Thanks again Mama Blessings. Mama August 29, at 9: Ris August 31, at 9: Coni September 2, at 7: Mama September 3, at 9: September 29, at 6: Mama September 30, at Kelly Fasching October 9, at Mama October 10, at 4: Kelly Fasching October 12, at 1: Nope it was the 6 month size. I am going to try it again and see what happens. Ashley Erickson October 17, at 3: Mama October 17, at 9: Ashley Erickson October 17, at Judy October 22, at 4: Mama October 22, at 9: Janet November 2, at 6: Mama November 3, at Margaret November 30, at 8: Mama December 2, at Cast on 60 and it will make a 14 inch circumference hat that will stretch an inch or two.

Nathan from Australia November 30, at Many thanks in advance, Nathan. Nathan from Australia December 2, at 7: Casey December 1, at 9: Mama December 2, at 1: I assume that is 11 stitches per 4 inches with a bulky. Mama January 13, at Annie January 15, at 4: Mama January 19, at Anne-Marie February 5, at Mama February 5, at 1: Christiana February 17, at Mama February 19, at 2: Christiana February 20, at 6: Lindsey February 22, at Mama February 23, at Mama March 6, at 9: Michelle Edwards March 5, at 7: Mama March 6, at Martha Satti March 6, at 7: Thanks for your great work.

E March 7, at 9: Mama March 7, at E March 7, at Heather March 14, at Mama March 17, at Tara April 11, at 9: Mama April 13, at 9: Meadhbh April 30, at 2: Mama May 2, at Meadhbh May 6, at 4: Jennifer May 5, at 9: Mama May 8, at 6: Jennifer May 7, at 9: Mama May 10, at 9: Halcyon June 14, at 5: Knitted this hat in a Canadian style.

It came out veery cute! I have posted pictures in Ravelry. Deborah Goodman June 14, at 6: Mama June 16, at 2: Mesa June 24, at 4: Mama June 29, at Smitha July 9, at 9: Mama July 9, at 9: Nicky July 30, at 7: Nicky July 31, at 6: Judy Bisel August 19, at Mama August 26, at Isabella August 22, at 6: Mama August 25, at Summer August 25, at 2: Mama August 25, at 6: Gem September 4, at Mama September 5, at It is as long as your yarn has some give. It should have room for growth. Seshu September 14, at 9: Mama September 23, at Khan September 29, at 5: Kate October 4, at 8: Bibi October 19, at 7: Mama October 19, at 6: Mama October 23, at 3: Gilda Ennis October 28, at 8: How do I knit a button for the top of the baby hat I just made.

Mama October 30, at Kristina October 29, at Chris November 17, at 7: Thanks for your response — seems to have turned frigidly cold over night. Mama November 18, at Erika November 18, at Emma w November 29, at 9: Mama December 3, at Emma December 8, at 9: Heather December 18, at 3: Mama December 19, at 1: Before starting the crown, there are 78 stitches.

Anne jenson December 30, at 2: I do not use Facebook. Mama January 5, at Lisa January 1, at 4: Sarah January 15, at Melissa January 17, at 9: Mama January 18, at 7: Isabelle January 18, at 7: Mama January 18, at 8: Before starting the crown, there are stitches. Isabelle January 22, at 3: Joan January 18, at As long as the ribbing is a little tighter than the stockinette portion it should be fine. Debbie January 26, at 2: Mama January 27, at 9: Michelle E January 31, at 6: Mama February 4, at 4: Clarissa February 2, at Hi Mama, I was just going through some hat patterns, when I came across your blog.

Mama February 4, at Darleane February 3, at 1: Paula February 7, at 3: Mama February 8, at 2: Here is the way to find the new cast on: Mama February 16, at Maria March 11, at 3: Mama March 12, at 8: The entire instruction is repeated across the row so that if you began with 60 stitches the row would look like this: Laura March 20, at 7: She had tons of bought and handmade hats but she needed a hat that would stay on her head ….

Several years ago, I used the same pattern - Snuggly Baby …. It was quite early …. It is a great way to use up scrap yarn I always have a LOT of …. After my grandmother passed away I inherited …. I had been wanting to try my hand at hand embroidery on a …. This winter I am especially enjoying knitting hats because I get to knit them for my little ….

I found a pattern for a dragon hat and tweaked it to the creation …. But it had to be quick and easy to knit - I was …. After I finished …. What yarn and needles did you …. Shaped with short rows at the crown, I made this infant hat to match a garter stitch sweater for a ….

The leaf is green cashemere and another …. I used circular needles size 8 and a Caron …. Two years later we had our blessed daughter, and are thankful …. It it a month size in wool yarn, knit in the …. I used Adriafil Knitcol …. My 2 year …. I rushed to finish it in the last days of ….

The accordion pattern's alternating stripes of knit and purl stitches …. I wanted something nice and warm to cover …. The yarn was gifted from a friend, the needles are …. The yarn was …. I also used Susan …. While pregnant, I made lots of hats from this same pattern, in different ….

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