Blazer Over A Dress

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The jacket will help the love handle bits hide better! The function is black tie and it will be in Spring — but potentially a bit nippy still at night so I want to have something warm to wear over the dress. October 19, at 1: Im not sure about the matching of this material and colors with the dress… sould be the silver jacket too grey?

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A few weeks ago I posted about layering underneath I’m going to do a first installment on layering over dresses. The sky’s the limit, from jackets, cardigans, blouses and shirts, to coats and even other dresses.

Any excuse to wear our beloved frocks for more of the year! I will be trying this this week! Now I want to pair my relatively straight polka dot dress with my new grey bf blazer. I have a question about cropped jackets. I used to do this long time ago when I wore more dresses.. Anyhow, same rules apply with cardigans? What about the necklines? I ask because I have several jackets that are actually longer in the front and more cropped in the back.

Are there special rules for this case? Angie, what alternative would you suggest for someone like me who is very short waisted and large busted?

Is this a problem? Oh, this will be a great series with the kind of step-by-step instructions and visuals I need. This will be a very valuable series. It makes such sense when you spell it out and illustrate with the visuals. I was amused by the jean jacket pictured with its frayed bottom and am tempted to just cut off the bottom of a too-long jean jacket.

Maybe that look is best left to younger women. I have probably the worst combination of proportions to accomplish this look successfully. Big bust, freakishly short waist, and petite all at once. All of my jackets except my denim jacket are hip length. Having a large bust OR a short waist would probably be easier, but having both is the kiss of death. I am going to really enjoy this series.

Having the visuals helps a lot too. Finding that sweet spot is tricky, but these photos illustrate the magic that happens when you hit it. Is there a way to save a blog as a favorite? This will be great for me! The jacket will help the love handle bits hide better!

I think I had forgotten about this!!! I can see a try on session in my near future. Armed with this information…maybe I am now brave enough to try it again! This is so helpful! I love the look of cropped style jackets with dresses. The longer style jackets with dresses is probably a better option for me but I have yet to give that a whirl. This post will serve as inspiration to try! You are naughty sometimes! You can be awfully negative about a particular item or combination but wear it to perfection later — and love the look.

All you need to do is wear your cropped jackets slightly longer when you layer them over frocks — which is what Kari has demonstrated. Because of the size of your bust and short-waisted bodies, your sweet spot is a little below the waist. Kari, thanks for chiming in! You instinctively balanced out your proportions. Also Maya, because you wear short hemlines so well, I love the idea of a longer jacket layered over dresses for your style. Need a better fitting BF jacket for sure.

Although I have 6ft clients who look great with cropped jackets layered over dresses. They look really good layering longer blazers over dresses too. Carole, you should definately try that. Cloud 9, we will get to cardigans: Very helpful post, thank you. I love wearing cropped jackets over dresses and do that a lot. But I really love the middle picture with the very nipped and buttoned blazer. I might also experiment with belting a blazer over a dress, what do you think about that?

I just overall feel better with some waist definition, I find it balances me out better. What do we think about belting an unbuttoned jacket the way many people do with cardigans? I have rather bad luck with jackets and have a couple that pull a little when buttoned, yet when open they flap around unflatteringly and make me look like I have a giant thick torso. But big jackets make me feel shapeless and I think I look like a little girl lost in oversized clothes.

I really want to do this layering thing with the jackets, but not sure how best to pull it off with my body shape.

What do you think? I am interested to see what you recommend when you get to cardigans over dresses. I meant to say, I tend to wear cardigans with sKirts. I can never seem to find a blazer that fits well. If I ever get to go shopping with you, Angie, finding the right blazer will be the first item on our agenda.

This is a great post and very much needed for me right now. Not surprising since you always find the best topics! Well, this is an incredibly helpful post, Angie. This post is a real eye opener to me so thank you very much Angie for sharing these guidlines. I was very confused about this before your blog post. Did I luck out and get it right here, or no? When I bought it I was thinking over sized boyfriend jacket. Kristie, cropped jackets and empire cuts can visually lengthen the legline — which is a good thing.

Perhaps its in the silhouette of the dress? Have you tried adding heels? You made the look appropriate by adding leggings. Mamark, what style of cardigan are you layering over dresses? Have you tried cascading cardigans? The denim jacket is slightly shorter than the cream jacket, but the difference is just enough that the denim jacket is easier to pair with skirts and dresses, whereas the cream jacket tends to be a bit more challenging.

Thx for this guide! I have been sticking with cardis but like the more formal look that a jacket would bring to the outfit. I recently paired a dress with a blazer, was so very proud of myself! Paired it with a fitted blazer with scrunched sleeves, black hose and boots. I have jackets of various lengths…and I am slowly collecting a respectable number of dresses. Since winter is pretty much upon us, looks like its time to put the two together and see what happens.

For most dresses, or at least the ones I have, the standard cardigan seems to make them look rather schoolmarm-ish, like I should also have extra kleenex tucked into the band of my watch. Thanks for chiming back in, Mamark. I really like short cropped cardigans over dresses too, but then worn un-buttoned and with a V-neckline. Does that make sense? I absolutely adore these types of posts! Sometimes my layered creations are modern classic and […].

I have just bought a lovely silk dress which is for work. It is more fitted at the top, a little looser through the middle and tapers at the hip line to prevent it looking like a sack. So when Autumn comes in Australia, I would like to wear it with a jacket to keep warm. I am not sure quite what type of jacket to wear as the dress is not fitted all the way through.

The best blazer to be worn with a dress is the classic tuxedo-cut blazer, which can easily be worn day or night. A blazer is a great statement piece to add to your wardrobe. Blazers look great with a dress tunic, a knee-length dress or a dress of any length in between. The dress can be casual, fancy, floral or sequin. The fabric and the color of the dress determine the type and color of the blazer you should wear.

The blazer should always complement the dress. Focus on the shape and cut of the blazer. A fitted blazer does not need to be super tight to look good. The bottom part of the blazer should be fitted to counteract the slight bulkiness of the top. The ideal blazer to fit a dress would be the classic tuxedo-cut blazer which can be worn day or night. Pick the fabric and color of the blazer. The fabric of the blazer should complement your dress, not necessarily match it.

I usually wear a cardigan over my dress in the office and then change from the sweater to the blazer if I have to go to court. I really appreciate all the tips for exactly “how” to put the dress and blazer together! Blazer Dresses. Look the business in our range of boss girl blazer dresses and tuxedo dresses to slay your and beyond. The ultimate in workwear dressing, shop everything from slick blazer dresses in soft satin fabrics, or embrace all things power dressing in our range of 80's inspired tuxedo dresses. If the dress is a neutral color, the blazer can be neutral, or you can wear a black blazer with a black dress. The possibilities of the color matches are endless, but the blazer and dress .