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A classic Bohemian restaurant with interesting metal decor. Short and long tail.

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Large elements please wait for results Based on the title of the page The title is trucated. Constructed from the website domain instead of structured data. Dining with stars is usually more memorable than enjoyable. The restaurant Století - which means "century" - has found a reasonable compromise: Memorializing luminaries of the last hundred years with such tributes as a salmon There are 3 rooms holding up to 33 people. We have piano music every day from 7: A classic Bohemian restaurant with interesting metal decor.

Total capacity of In the summer months a garden is open with seating for 32 persons. The restaurant "Svata Klara" The Saint Klara is originally a wine celler in one of the Prague's vineyards next to the baroque castle Troja.

A cosy country house style restaurant located just a few minutes walk from Vaclavske namesti offering excellent Czech and international food. More than 30 delicious meat and poultry dishes are served a la carte. Lavish portions, great salads from Chef Bar and Restaurant with international kitchen.

Weddings, parties, anniversaries, family celebrations, incentives and much more, following your wishes. Our restaurant offers old Czech cuisine, "Just like from your Mum," says our chef , very cozy and inviting interior with a fireplace great in winter time and a garden convenient in summer.

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