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Hats Top it off with a winter hat from our AW18 collection. Style a fashionista-favourite fedora hat for a look that screams city chic, or raise the trend points with a wool beret.

Beechfield Active Performance Beanie.

autumn winter /19 Colour trends this season will display lots of fun, vibrant and bold colours, as well as some neutral tones providing an understated appeal. Whatever it is you are looking for, we have everything you need to keep your little ones warm, cosy and looking chic this.
We design, knit and finish knitted hats in our Scottish Borders workshop. We provide a custom design service, manufacturing bespoke bobble hats for you!
When the colder weather comes around, keep your head warm and looking stylish with Millets range of winter hats & beanies.
autumn winter /19 Colour trends this season will display lots of fun, vibrant and bold colours, as well as some neutral tones providing an understated appeal. Whatever it is you are looking for, we have everything you need to keep your little ones warm, cosy and looking chic this.
A full-brimmed classic, the bucket hat is the throwback du jour. It was seen on Marc Jacobs' fall runway, but can be copped in every color, material, and price point.
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Keep your head cosy with the best bobble hats out there. Yep, beanies are STILL are our best friend come winter. Keep your head cosy with the best bobble hats out there. Yep, beanies are STILL are our best friend come winter. 20 Best Woolly Hats. By Rachel Hadley and Lauren Smith. 20 Nov By Rachel Hadley and Lauren Smith.

K2tog, K2 six times Row six: K2tog, K1 six times Row eight: Getting started If you've wielded a set of needles before, move straight to the instructions below. To create this hat, you should learn how to: What you need 12mm needles g of point five yarn beginners should use even yarn - like my blue hat - rather than knobbly chunky yarn - like my orange hat - as it's easier to work with Thick needle to sew up edges What to do This hat can be made in different sizes, depending whether you want it tight-fitting or long and baggy.

The headband Cast on 36 stitches For a short hat, do eight rows of k3, p3 all the way to the end ribbing. The middle Knit four, six or eight rows of stocking stitch first row, K; second row P; third row K; fourth row P, etc , depending on how long you want your hat. The top This part always remains the same, whatever size you want your hat. Topics Craft Making time.

Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 25 50 All. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Like it says in the pattern: Both of these are in between these asterisk. Thanks looking forward to hearing back. I think she asked if you could put instructions and pictures together as in, pictures of doing the stitches, assembly, etc.

Our kids really enjoy the photos of your models. Hi, I do understand spanish. The translation between English and Spanish makes it hard to understand. Thanks, Have a a good day! What browser are you on?

Have you tested it on different browsers? Thank you so much for sharing this pattern! It was great fun to make and lots of laughs were had with trying the beard on everyone in the house! I did also have the problem with not being able to squeeze the hat on once the beard was attached, I even tried going down a beard size but no big deal I figure my issue is cheap yarn anyway. To fix the beard isuue without adding buttons or velcro to the hat which I want to allow the recipient to wear seperately anyway, i just chained stitched connecting the corners of both sides so the beard loops over the ears and is held on that way with the hat then pulled over top.

Sometimes simply moving the beard a bit more forward on the hat helps. Glad you found something that worked for you. I absolutely LOVE this pattern!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing it. My son has been asking me to make him one for the longest time. Made it over the weekend and he was so happy! It would be nice to give the amount of ounces needed to finish each project.

I have NO interest in making and selling my own so I totally allow others to sell them, I just ask that anywhere you share and list them you 1. Hi I have a little shoppe and have had a request for this can I use your pattern to sell if I mention you on the tag.

Thank you for the pattern! These are TOO cute. Nice work and nice blog! Thank you so much for sharing!! Thanks so much for this pattern! Thanks so much for posting! I have been looking for patterns for beards in all sizes. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Love the striped beanie too! Just finished one for my one year old. Almost want to wake him up from his nap to try it on I said almost ha ha. Love the photo with your mom, that expression is priceless. Thanks so much for sharing. May the coming year bless you and your family with everything that your hearts desire. OMG thank you so much, I have been patiently awaiting your beard for kids pattern so I could make a child size one…. These are just too cute. Just a quick question, though—about how big around are each of the sizes?

I have been asked to make a beard that it much longer and wilder than yours. I think the bobble beard will be a great base, but could you give me an idea for how to make it longer? Think mountain man without a shower for weeks! I already tried doing the toddler size with that yarn and a size G hook, but it was still way too small for him. Could you tell me how many bobbles are in each row? Ikeep on coming out wrong. Thanks for sharing your pattern and your time. I love these patterns!

I made some of the beanies and beards for my boys. Other people are asking me to make them too. Can these be made for sale? It would make a great Halloween costume! I am an almost total beginner at crochet but still managed to make this following your pattern!

Thanks so much, my little boy will love it when he sees it in the morning! No matter what I do, on row 10, I end up with 3 empty stitches. Do you have the correct number before? All my bobble numbers are correct for the other rows. So I am having trouble with row 10, the same row as melissa was having trouble with.

I am going to use this for my Halloween costume. Thanx for all your hard work on this. First off I just wanna say what an incredible pattern! To the T on everything! Thank you thank you thAnk you for sharing! My only question is how many fpc are between the beard placement, like between the eyes!

Any tips on that? I just hold the beard up near the front brim put on the hat, then pull the hat on a bit tight then pull the beard down. The different sizes are fantastic. I have ahd many requests to make these for family and friends. This is by far the best, easiest and most liked pattern I have found. Easy-to-follow directions and they are a hit every time. I have now made two beards and I am extremely pleased with the finished projects. Thanks so much for the pattern I have a friend that I made some for.

She had seen them and ask if I could find a pattern and make them for her. I have them made but have a time try to figure out where and how to attaché the beards! Can you please give me some tips on how to attaché them and where?

I just stitched them into the hat with thread that matches the beanie, about half and inch up inside. Thank you very much! Did her answer help you? I finally see the light! Thank you so much for posting this!!! My brother-in-law asked me for one of these, and now my sister wants one for my nephew, too. I have been trying for a while now to find a good pattern.

I love the bobbles! This is an awesome pattern! Thank you so much for all the work you put into it and for sharing it! Just came across your website and LOVE it. You are very talented and very generous in sharing your patterns. I look forward to trying some of them! I really enjoy sharing although not so much the negative comments thank you for taking the time to leave such a sweet note for me.

Now all his friends want one, too. I usually end up with the cheap red heart yarn from walmart so I have to alter the pattern a little to get the right size. Anway, Kudos on the great pattern. I think I need to make that in ever size next…. Thank you so much for sharing.

And the picture of the baby is so too cute! It made me laugh! The baby is adorable! What are the finished measurements for each size or suggested age range? Thanks for all the work you put in to sharing this pattern with us! The ones I did with the vanna were smaller than the ones I made with medium weight yarn. Your pattern is so cute my grandson asked me to make one for him. I hope you can help me. My son has crazy hat day at school next week and I thought this would be cute.

Been knitting for a few years but this is my first crochet project completed. Going to work on a hat now. Very easy to follow. I love to knit, love the wya it looks, but crochet is so so SO fast I tend to work in crochet. Did you son enjoy it? Thank you so much for the pattern. Do you have patterns for men and women?

What a great idea. It works up so quickly and easily. I used a different beanie pattern that has fpdc in the lower half of it, sewed 2 buttons on each end of the beard, and they can just button the beard to the inside of the beanie when they need it!

Going to try your beanie pattern next: Keep up the good work-. Love the beard and love the beanie. Linking up at Tangled Happy tomorrow. Thanks for sharing this fun design! Thank you so much! OMG these pics are too cute! I have made some of these in the past but not with such an awesome beard!

Again, the pics are priceless! The bobble is SO much fun for these beards! I love the loops I did with the santa hat too. My friend will be thrilled with it! Ashlee, you COULD make money selling your patterns—and you should after all the hard work you put into them. I have completed the newborn one, and my friend loved it so much, she asked me to make a toddler-sized one too.

Did you use yarn or thread to sew on the beard? I just made this for my brother and he is so excited. Now my teenage son wants one too. Thanks for the great pattern. Thank you for sharing and for this big opportunity for letting us create this with our own hands! I seriously worked on this pattern off and on for a year trying to get it right, I love how it turned out!

First off I think this is adorable! Im very new to crocheting and just taught myself the bobble stitch today via youtube so I could make this.

I love this pattern! I have made quite a few now not only for myself but for friends. I also mentioned you in my blog. I linked both this pattern and the pattern for the beanie. Thanks for the mention and link back! Im so glad you like them! I am so in love with them! That was alot of time and effort on your part, I appreciate the tutorial.

I am going to try to make these for my twin four year olds. How do you print this pattern? My BIL has asked that I make him a bearded hat…. The bobble beard just gives it that extra little something. I tried to highlight and copy and paste it into a word file….. Just wondering if there is a way that you could email the document? Maybe someone could send pattern to my email 49kpkate gmail.

TY for the pattern, when I saw the baby… i started giggling!! I love the beard on my little guy. He was the most precious model! Let me know if you try it, what you think!

Thank you for sharing. I made these but added loops to the sided to put behind ears. I made the newborn beanie and started on the beard for the little boy we are expecting in the fall. The beard ended up huge, but I think it was the strange yarn I was using. That just means the whole family is getting beards now! Yes, I made these beards with a very thin yarn, the vanna glamour yarns is crazy thin. Try using thiner yarn and if that still ends up to big go down a hook size maybe?

Plus everyone crochets a bit differently, some tight, some loose, etc… so it usually takes a bit of adjustment, at least for me it does! Thanks so much for publishing this pattern! Feel free to tag my FB page and add the URL to the post anytime you share an image of something you made from my site!

I was talking with my sister who has 3 boys and one girl, and she wants one for everyone: She wants a pink beard for her little girl: I am having trouble with making a bobble. I am ending up with six loops on my needle instead of five. Not sure what I am doing wrong.

Some people easily get it one way, while another group another way. Sorry it was confusing! Having a hard time figuring out what stiches count as one and which count as two. Is it hdc2tog, and then bobble in the next stitch. Can someone please explain the bobble decrease stitch to me? This pattern is perfect. Thank you for taking the time to post this. I know some people who are going to be very excited this Christmas!!! Thank you for an awesome pattern…and free to boot! For example, on the extra small beard, you have it written to chain 5 and skip 7 stitches.

Should I have chained 7 and skipped 5 stitches instead? Apologies if this was already answered above. Thank you in advance for addressing my question. That row happens to be all repeat. I need your help making my 2 grandsons your beard. I am trying to complete the decrease row. Thank you so much for helping me with your pattern. Did so well I made my son-in-law one too. Looking forward to more of your creations.

I only respond to comments once a month. Glad you got it figured out. I used a wire slicker brush think pet cat brush to make the inside part that touches the face of the beard softer.

The fine wires snag the yarn as you brush it across making it fluffy. I made my santa bearded hat for the baby with soft baby yarn and it was really nice!!! I have made three beards from your awesome patterns. Thank you sooooo much.

It goes so quick I might even have time to make some for the Grands. Fine, Sport Weight, Baby Yarn. I love this pattern and I am planning on making one for my son and his dad.

I am not sure that the large will be big enough for his dad. Could you suggest a way to make it bigger…like an xl? It seems to go up 4 chains for each size…. You can totally try that. Shes 8 months old.. I only started crocheting a few months ago… Is there some kind of YouTube or is this made specifically by you? I used a puff stitch for this pattern that I found on a website. It may be different from a babble but it still achieves the same puffed out effect. I yarned over until I had 9 loops on the hook for the stitch.

This website has an illustration that really helped me: This qas so helpful!! Lol i use that dor everything now!! As for the the whole thing i have friends and family asking me to make them for them thank you so much for the late christmas present pattern!!

Lol this is so cute made one for my daughter and shes not fond of it but mommy loves it so she wears it!! Thank you so much!! I was wondering how far back I should go with the beard on the hat. If I laid the hat on its side would it be best to sew it at about the half way mark? I am having trouble on row 10 of the medium size. I have 31 stitches and have done the first set of hdc,bobble 5 times. That is ten stitches. What am I missing? Sorry for bothering you, Ashlee. As soon as I sent the email and went back to the pattern, I figured it out.

Finished the beard last night. I did not sew the beards to the beanies. I put a loop on each side so they go over the ears. That way, they can be worn with any hat, any weight, etc. Made them for three grandkids and they live in different climates, etc. Thanks for the patterns. They are so cute. Lion brand Difficulty level: I love that this hat can be worn as a slouchy hat with the rim rolled down as is shown, or as a rimmed hat.

Both designs look cute and will match with different outfits. Get your man look stylish with this one. As the pattern is a bit more complicated working with three colors, you get to hone your knitting skills to boot! Tre-colori hat click the bolded link to go to pattern Design — photo credit: The color combination in this hat really frames the face nicely and brings out the stronger facial features.

Free Men hat Crochet Pattern: Cotton-ish Beanie click bolded link to go to pattern Photo credit: Vickie Howell Difficulty level: An all-around classic hat! Make them with or without the pompom: Great as a hat for women as well: Downloadable Free hat knitting pattern: Cable hat pattern Design and photo credit: I can see this hat on the head of a friend of mine. Golf Cap Photo credit design: Other than that, quite a do-able hat. Great design and really quite easy.

Free Men Beanie Crochet Pattern: Brain waves Beanie Photo credit: Liz McQueen Difficulty level: Free men crochet beanie pattern: Skullie beanie Photo credit: Stitch no Evil Difficulty level: Free Men Beanie Knitting Pattern: Basic Beanies photo credit: Free men beanie crochet hat pattern download: Free Boy Beanie Crochet Pattern: Skaters Beanie photo credit:

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